Guaranteed Auto Protection - Why Take Chances With Your Investment?

The value an insurance company places on a customer’s car may be substantially less than the amount owed. In the event of vehicle theft, accidental catastrophic damage, or total loss, the insurance company will pay the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of loss – not what the vehicle is worth to the customer.

Customers often remain liable to pay for the difference between the insurance company’s settlement amount and the balance on their loan or lease. Help protect your customers by offering them GAP insurance.

GAP Benefits & Eligibility May Include

  • Risk protection for new and used vehicles
  • Protection for the term of your loan/ lease up to 84 months*
  • Protection for vehicles valued up to $100,000 at time of purchase
  • Benefits paid up to $50,000*

*Except as limited by state or program provisions

Why GAP?

  • SECURITY: Ease the financial burden associated with the loss of your customer’s vehicle
  • PROTECTION: Protect the credit rating and value of your customer’s vehicle
  • STABILITY: Help your customer have a positive financial transition when it is needed most