KARR Auto Security

KARR Full Featured Auto Security is our proprietary security program, designed to be a full-service solution available at the time of vehicle purchase or any later date.

With KARR Full Featured Auto Security, dealers and their customers get more than a security program. Our expert, KARR-certified technicians travel to or operate full-time within our dealer network. We also boast mobile units whereby technicians will meet customers at their home or place of work. Many of our technicians have been a part of our family for more than 15 years.

Our Full Featured Auto Security programs offer:

  • Full featured vehicle security system
  • Personal protection
  • Key-less convenience
  • High Quality products
  • Best in customer service
  • Dealer front load & in-house programs
  • Aftermarket training & consultation
  • 3 Years / 36,000-mile warranty on parts/labor
  • Professional technicians
  • 24/7 Customer service support
  • Possible insurance discount