MenuMax and SOAR

Fully Integrated F&I Suite

Preferred Solution to Enhance:

  • Profitability
  • Compliance
  • Customer experience

Detailed Reporting

  • Integrated with client's DMS (Dealer Management System) for seamless data extraction.
  • Accessible outside of the dealership.
  • Cutting-edge and comprehensive solutions offer OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), dealers, F&I managers, and agents real-time and automated batching solutions which include filtering capabilities.

Customizable Features

  • Present an array of products while offering the tools to effectively manage the F&I department and execute positive customer engagements
  • Eliminate time, cost and errors associated with paper contracts

SOAR combines state-of-the-art touch screen and tablet technology with MenuMax's fully integrated, compliant, and comprehensive system to put the customer in control in a whole new way.

With SOAR, the entire buying process is enhanced and streamlined with interactive videos, surveys, product recommendations, package building and more. With the touch of a finger customers are guided through a consistent, frictionless, and enjoyable sales experience, that transforms the vehicle delivery process and drives dealer profitability.

Customizable Tools

  • Standard menus for PCs and Macs
  • Interactive menus for tablet & mobile devices
  • E-rating
  • E-contracting
  • Customized dealer video
  • Sales aids
  • Videos
  • Customer survey